Saturday Morning Matinee

This time it’s me!  From a lecture I gave via webinar to the American College of Preventative Medicine

Less Talk, More Therapy

Jessica Wolf  tells her story of receiving fascial bodywork and how it not just affected her body, but the rest of her life as well.  Excellent anecdotal tale! Excerpt below:

“…she started pressing her finger into my C-section scar. “What are you doing?”  I asked her.

“Releasing fascia,” she said.  As she pressed on my scar, Ann E. talked to me about my body in a way I wouldn’t really come to understand for many months, but which I could experience the effects of right then and there. 

I didn’t know what I should expect from this subtle prodding, but it wasn’t for my lungs to inflate like balloons. As Ann E. worked, my breath deepened, my lungs filling as they never had. “My breath just completely changed,” I said.

“Yeah, I just created some real estate in your torso so your lungs are less constricted,” she said.

Now she had my attention…

Tip of the Hat: Deborah Porterfield

Fascia on Goop!

Well, sometimes fascia is referred to as  “goopy” , and the I refer to the light smattering of lubricant on put on my hands as “goop”, but today features an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow’s structural integrator. Think what you will of the woman, but its a good piece and Gwyneth understands the importance of good fascial bodywork. Read it here.

Tip of the Hat Kerry Kearney

Molecule Reverses Muscle Aging

funny-strong-hamster-small-weight-liftingin Mice.

This from geneticist David Sinclair who, along with his team, injected NMN  into mice and: ” we fed … the old mice – the equivalent about a 60-year-old human – we fed them a molecule that’s called NMN and this reversed ageing completely within just a week of treatment in the muscle, and now we’re looking to reverse all aspects of ageing if possible.

Its worth noting that one of the mice prematurely aged, and how do you prematurely age an old mouse anyway?  Sinclair kinda avoids talking about that point here.

Nutrition Corner – Happy Halloween!

People corner me about nutrition all the time so when they do I send them to my local experts, but I’m always on the lookout for solid info on masticating matters of the mouth.  John Oliver’s takedown above is a must see.

While I  acknowledge  the reality too much hidden sugar in our food when it comes to children research  suggests  that children may  be biologically programmed to crave sugar. And this may be a key to their growth, as it  begins to decrease  during adolescence and eventually lessening as we become adults.

Something to chew on.



4th Fascia Congress Announced

logoThe 4th International Fascia Research Congress is scheduled for September 18-20, 2015 in Washington, D.C. The speakers /presenters include Leon Chaitow, Robert Schleip, Tom Findley, Carla Stecco, Antonio Stecco, Paul Grilley, Peter Schwind, Serge Gracovetsky, Paul Standley. Warren Hammer and more. Go here for more details. Registration opens  November 14.

Recline Me a River

airline.seats_0With all the time I spent on airplanes this past week, and being crammed into the last 7 rows  which on my flight meant two less inches of legroom (beware anything past row 35) this has been on my mind, and body, a bit.  I remember sitting there sometime during my 10 hours, wondering what my fibroblasts were up to and trying various strategies to keep them from freaking out.

Do you ever wonder who designed those things and how? Well. wonder no more. A  project known as  the Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource project, measured the bodies of 4,431 people in North America, the Netherlands and Italy. The survey collected a voluminous amount of data about its subjects, ranging from height and weight to shoe and bra size.

And  – Seat designers often make the assumption that nearly everyone will be accommodated if they design a seat for a man in the 95th percentile of measurements, meaning that they are larger than all but 5 percent of other men — and, theoretically, all women.

But you know it’s not that simple. Sit down and read all about it here.

And if you suffer from “Economy Class Syndrome” here’s  some helpful hints.

I’m Back!

IMG_7820Sort of.

It’s been an intense week at the 2014 Fascia Research Summer School.

Besides having meetings, seeing old friends and colleagues, videotaping the conference proceedings, absorbing new information, getting food poisoning (true!), helping DJ the conference party, chatting with a reporter from NatGEO, chasing down presenters for their slides  and giving a Focus Presentation on Fascia as the Conduit of the Mind/Body Connection – I actually thought I was going to be able to live blog about what was going on while it was going on??? What evah’ was I thinking?

Well. I’m definitely not thinking now. The blog will be back to normal next week. Thanks for your patience.

Photo: Robert Schleip and Werner Klingler of the Fascia Research Department at Ulm University with a jersey presented to them by keynote speaker Klaus Eder who works with, and does fascial work on, the World Cup winning German soccer team. Coordinator extraordinaire Pia Schmutte looks on.

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